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May 24 2011

22 year old in a catch 22

So, today starts my last official week as a resident of PA.  This is very surreal to someone who has lived in the same house in the same town for her entire life.  Twenty two years is a long time to live anywhere and in a mere week, I am supposed to pick up and move somewhere totally new.  This move is certainly what I signed up for when I became interested in TFA, but it still scares the me to death (almost as much as it scares my dear family and friends who are worried and nervous about my safety in a new place)!!  I mean I am totally overwhelmed.  I am trying to pack up my most essential belongings into boxes to make the 800 mile journey with my grandparents in a U-haul starting next week at this time.  In other news, I hope to finish my last pre-institue assignment tonight which will be one less thing for me to balance.  On top of everything, I am trying to make this last week one of the best ever.  I want to see all my friends and spend quality time with my family.  But it seems I am running out of time.  I guess such is life… time flies when you most want it to slow down.  This week is definitely a catch 22… excitement for the new mixed with clinging to the old and known.  So, I am going to embrace everything that this week encompasses and try to enjoy each minute!!

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