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Feb 16 2011

The Excitement Dwindles

After nearly 4 weeks since I got the exciting news, that I was accepted to the 2011 corps, the excitement is beginning to wear off. Although I am still enthused about the upcoming opportunity, my main emotion is now to be simply overwhelmed. There are a million things to worry about.

First, the PRAXIS tests. Since I am already an education major, I already am required to take in order to graduate. So… in the next six weeks, I will be taking a total of 5 PRAXIS exams. I don’t want to take any of them twice, so I am working hard to prepare for each individual exam. In addition, I am trying to prepare my type-A personality to re-locate to a new part of the country in a few months. Although I knew TFA was something I wanted to do, it is TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone. I have done little traveling in my life beside the traditional family vacations, and I have never lived in a city. My entire 22 years of life have been spent one of two very small towns in PA. Now, I am trying to figure out the logistics of moving hundreds of miles from the place which I have always called home. Plus, the major stress is the responsibility that each one of us are going to have in a matter of months. The responsibility to EVERY student in our classroom. The challenge is what we all sign up for maybe even the reason we sign up, but the weight of a child’s future is on our shoulders. I always wanted to be an education major, but I always thought that I would teach “typical” students. To be honest, most students in suburban schools can make succeed even WITHOUT the best teacher. That is not the case in the situations where we are about to go. Each student needs the BEST each day for every hour. Wow.. that is a stress in itself. So fellow TFA Corps members, get ready to be your best!

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  1. eatsleepeducate

    I totally hear ya about the excitement beginning to wear off. I accepted my offer this past November and its been suuuch a long countdown till June. Sounds like you’ll be nice and busy with the PRAXIS tests in the next few weeks so hopefully the time will fly!

  2. guidedmetotennessee

    I’m with you on that one! Definitely still super excited about being a corps member – but then there’s the Praxis to prepare for, moving logistics (I’m going 2,000+ miles), pre-institute work that just came in the mail…that and I’m desperately not trying to get so far ahead of myself that my last semester of college slips away from me. I’m just trying to take it all one step at a time, but definitely second you on the overwhelmed-ness.

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